Take me back 

Throwback to this poem. Still one of my favourites..

Take me back, to what was once 

A moss-veiled trail of green
Dark olive, mint, lime and charteuse
The shady glades had been.
Where slender limbs of hoary boughs
A hidden maze had stood
Above the leafy canopy had rose
The guardians of the woods.

Take me back, to what was once
A curvy jewel-blue stream
Like little diamonds on its surface
Its ripples had a sheen.
Jumping over rocks with joy
Its stride, it had a splash
While kindling it’s own symphony
Against the rocks it crashed.

Take me back, to what was once
A haven safe for birds
The colors, smells and beckoning sounds
Had wild beasts group in herds.
The luminous sky with snowflake stars
Like silver sprinkles shone
Screeching jays and scampering hares
This woody heaven, had ruled.

Take me back, my paradise calls
Its beauty comforts my heart
A sanctum, one with zero walls
Where silence speaks its part.
Days with golden light that falls
Nights face me with silver stars
Take me back, my paradise calls
Its just where I belong. 


The Man in the Arena

This inspiring illustration is another one from Zen Pencils. The words are by Theodore Roosevelt from his speech in 1910.

Love 😍 

Had made this for my parents’ wedding anniversary in 2014. Was digging through my archives and found it.

Don’t forget to tell your near and dear ones how much you love them, every chance you get. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

A lifetime of learning 

Another winner from Zen Pencils. A poem written by Isaac Asimov, who had formal education in chemistry and became a professor at the Boston University of Medicine. In 1958, he left University to focus on writing. He went on to say,”Writing is my only interest. Even speaking is an interruption.”

This was the first strip I read on Zen Pencils after being recommended by my brother. Beautifully illustrated and turned into a comic, I had to do this. Took me a while but completely worth it. Here goes..

Max, our dark Prince 

Max, our handsome black labrador who was eleven and a half years old crossed to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge on 28 November, 2016. We miss him like crazy and it hasn’t yet fully sunk in.

There is no way we can make the pain go away, but we need to move on and learn to live with the beautiful memories. Every person has a different way of dealing with loss and sadness. I like to put my thoughts on paper. It helps me get things out of my system.

So here’s what I did..

If memories could bring us closer, if tears could bridge the gap

I’d cross the oceans to see you, in warm wet hugs we’d wrap

I opened my eyes to reality, to warm wet tears instead

The pain in my heart was real, as the voices in my head

Echoed, “No teary goodbyes were exchanged, no words of farewell spoken,

Would it have made it easier, if we had that chance?” I’m torn!

If I knew t’was the last time, that you’d look into my eyes

I’d have cradled your head upon my lap, stayed by you as you lay.

Were you in pain that fateful night, when the big brown clock struck three?

Sadly I’ll never know, would I? If you’d reached out to me.

With every breath you took you filled, my heart with so much love

You took a piece of my heart with you, the piece that belonged to you.