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Poetry is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings to others

A lifetime of learning 

Another winner from Zen Pencils. A poem written by Isaac Asimov, who had formal education in chemistry and became a professor at the Boston University of Medicine. In 1958, he left University to focus on writing. He went on to say,”Writing is my only interest. Even speaking is an interruption.”

This was the first strip I read on Zen Pencils after being recommended by my brother. Beautifully illustrated and turned into a comic, I had to do this. Took me a while but completely worth it. Here goes..


Max, our dark Prince 

Max, our handsome black labrador who was eleven and a half years old crossed to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge on 28 November, 2016. We miss him like crazy and it hasn’t yet fully sunk in.

There is no way we can make the pain go away, but we need to move on and learn to live with the beautiful memories. Every person has a different way of dealing with loss and sadness. I like to put my thoughts on paper. It helps me get things out of my system.

So here’s what I did..

If memories could bring us closer, if tears could bridge the gap

I’d cross the oceans to see you, in warm wet hugs we’d wrap

I opened my eyes to reality, to warm wet tears instead

The pain in my heart was real, as the voices in my head

Echoed, “No teary goodbyes were exchanged, no words of farewell spoken,

Would it have made it easier, if we had that chance?” I’m torn!

If I knew t’was the last time, that you’d look into my eyes

I’d have cradled your head upon my lap, stayed by you as you lay.

Were you in pain that fateful night, when the big brown clock struck three?

Sadly I’ll never know, would I? If you’d reached out to me.

With every breath you took you filled, my heart with so much love

You took a piece of my heart with you, the piece that belonged to you.

Take a moment 

This may be my last one for a while now. Summer break is over and back to school. Looking forward to it and wishing the break was longer at the same time.

Anyway, this one is again by Zen Pencils (I know I have been on a Zen Pencils spree for a while now). This poem is by Kurt Vonnegut,  and me being a dog lover, this looked absolutely perfect to me! Here goes!

What teachers make

Thanks for the views, likes and comments from the previous post, guys. So here’s one more. This is one I made for my teacher friends a while ago. This one’s a poem by Taylor Mali, again by Zen Pencils, recreated by me. Hope you enjoy it!

Your Life

This is a beautiful poem by Lang Leav which was turned into a comic strip by Zen Pencils. I have attempted to recreate the strip here..

Make love, not war


We come into this world, blissfully unaware
Of man-made concepts, such as religion and race
We simply trust, a heart that truly cares
Oblivious to the differences, in the colour of their face.

We then grow to learn, of anger, spite and fear
Towards prople just like us, but from a different place
We end up being driven, by a destructive love of power
Distancing our souls, from the healing power of love.

If we could learn to loathe, and get consumed by hate
If we could based on background, so easily discriminate
Why not teach ourselves to trust, relearn how to love instead
And spread not war and hostility, but live in peace and harmony.

The Digestion Song

So this is a revision lesson with my Year 8s where students come up with a creative resource to revise what we had learned so far. What we were learning was Life Processes in Animals. One student came up with this poem on Digestion that I thought was absolutely fantastic!! So I had to share it 🙂 Here goes…


Through the teeth, through the gums

Watch out belly, here it comes.

Down your throat, into your tummy

I love this food, its so yummy.

Mixed in saliva, into a ball

Into the oesophagus, so tiny and small.

Into the stomach, where it’s tossed and turned

If you throw up, it will definitely burn.

In a long thin tube, food is absorbed

The small intestine is what it’s called.

Waste is stored in the rectum, we’re nearly done

Then the waste comes out your bum