The Digestion Song

So this is a revision lesson with my Year 8s where students come up with a creative resource to revise what we had learned so far. What we were learning was Life Processes in Animals. One student came up with this poem on Digestion that I thought was absolutely fantastic!! So I had to share it šŸ™‚ Here goes…


Through the teeth, through the gums

Watch out belly, here it comes.

Down your throat, into your tummy

I love this food, its so yummy.

Mixed in saliva, into a ball

Into the oesophagus, so tiny and small.

Into the stomach, where it’s tossed and turned

If you throw up, it will definitely burn.

In a long thin tube, food is absorbed

The small intestine is what it’s called.

Waste is stored in the rectum, we’re nearly done

Then the waste comes out your bum




2 thoughts on “The Digestion Song

  1. Oh! How I love the stimulator and the creator…. The teacher for stimulation and the taught for the creation.

  2. Dear Sam,

    I was reading about Rachel Carson and her thoughts on Knowledge, Wonder and Excitement that all kids have innately when they are born and most lose by the time they reach adulthood – unfortunately. It is the fortunate few who have a caring adult to participate in their excitement, kindle their curiosity and provide avenues for their expressions. You are one such. Lucky kids, bright kids. Best wishes to you and them. Looking forward to more such posts.

    K R Sridhar

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