The Rainbow


I look past the treetops and see an arch ; A border over the sun, a bridge between the worlds, a band of concentric colors.

I screech to a halt and turn toward the arch, absorbing its beauty, like a sunflower to the sun.

Violet lifts my inner soul, transcends it to a whole new world.
Indigo instills reason, interspersed with intuition.
Blue brings in trust while green, growth and harmony.
Yellow yells out sharp, for hope and happiness to last.
Rejuvenating my spirit with optimism is Orange.
While Red radiates energy, highlighted with passion.

I look past the mountaintops and see the arch again ; This time I see, not seven, but one blinding new hue.

The color of wholeness, purity and innocence, white, is what I see ; A blend of shades, a beacon of promise, the beginning of something new.


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