The Unusual Friendship

My first short story.. Been almost a year since then. 🙂

The Metamorphosis pond

She was 10. She saw him sitting alone on the sea shore staring at nothing in particular, seeming lost. She could see sadness in his brown eyes and worry on his forehead creases. This was the third time this week that she saw him and the look of despair and worry on his face only seemed to be increasing. “It made him look older”, she thought.

He was 28. He gazed at the distant horizon. He always came back to the sea when he was feeling lonely or sad. He sat there for what felt like hours listening to the sound of water splashing on the rocks.  The sound of the water helped block the voices in his head. But the voices seemed to be getting steadily louder. When he couldn’t ignore them any longer, he gave in. His thoughts drifted back to Sabia. Sabia, it means beautiful. She had…

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