My experience with Vedic Math – Fun & Learning

I wish I had gotten hooked to it much earlier than I did. Well, better late than never. I started learning about Vedic Math and the different tricks and shortcuts involved in it, thanks to my mom. She was the one to initiate interest. When she decides to do something, there’s no stopping her. She spent hours together reading up from the internet and books, practicing and solving on paper and finding out new techniques to perform lengthy calculations. She did successfully come up with new tricks of her own.

The next thing that she did was organize a Fun with Math summer camp for kids of the locality. She planned and re-planned the week long camp. She chalked out the entire programme, which had to be done in a systematic manner cos it had to be a combination of fun and learning to sustain the interest of the kids. Well, it was summer holidays and they were doing Math, so it was a big deal and I don’t blame them. 😉 The camp was a huge success.

In short, mom managed to get a whole bunch of kids excited and interested in the topic except her own. Initially, neither my brother, nor I showed much interest when she passionately rambled on about the different Math shortcuts that could make our life easier. She persisted. And well, I’m glad she did. We slowly started tuning ourselves to what she was saying, learning new tricks of the trade and applying them to our calculations.  Who knew then that I would go on to become a Math teacher who would be trying  to convince a whole bunch of kids to listen to what I was saying. This was where the concepts I had learned in Vedic Math came handy. It was always a welcome change to regular classwork, helped solve problems faster and got kids excited. It was one of those moments I silently thanked mom for nagging us. 🙂

Vedic Mathematics is a system of Mathematics that has its roots in the Vedas. This ancient Indian system of calculations had gotten buried and was later rediscovered in the early 20th century (1911-1918) by the great Indian scholar Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji. After detailed study of the Indian scriptures, he concluded that the whole of Vedic Mathematics was based on sixteen basic Sutras and sub-Sutras.

This system makes use of Mental Mathematics and helps us perform long and tedious calculations in a quick and simple manner even without the need for a paper and pen. It is also considered to be more coherent and integrated in approach. The concepts are interrelated and unified such that reversal of division leads to multiplication, reversal of squares leads to square roots and so on.

I’ll be using this section on Vedic Mathematics to introduce some of the tricks and methods learned by me, hoping to make lives of many more easier. Looking forward to sharing and spreading the knowledge of this ancient, immensely useful and fun system. I would be more than happy to receive your contributions on the same.

“While Learning adds excitement and meaning, Sharing what you know with your world adds purpose to what we all refer to as Life.”


7 thoughts on “My experience with Vedic Math – Fun & Learning

  1. Better late than never….. U rightly said it! Am I glad my nagging has borne some fruits….. Thine interest is my pleasure and satisfaction ! !

  2. This is one of the most interesting sections of your blog. I hope to see excellent well thought out explanations that appeal to adults and children alike. After all, why not use this space to figure out a good way to teach kids, or better yet as a place to send your kids to as a reference for what you say in class? I’m interested in this system, mostly as a tool to improve my mental acuity. I believe that for the well trained mind, calculation is better left to computers so the mind can better be engaged in creation rather than the mundane duties of number-crunching. It’s like using cranes to build buildings instead of solving the problem with a huge number of labourers. What I’d love to do with what you teach here is to write some computer programs to demonstrate this stuff. Say, a child can input numbers, and an animated explanation of the steps is generated automatically! It’s not strictly the kind of stuff I do, but I’ll let you know if I have the time and if I can do it! 😀

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