Say you care, Say it often !

Dedicated to my family who mean the world to me !


As I lie in bed restless, unable to sleep,
Thoughts seem to crowd my head, refusing to leave
Glistening in the moonlight, with the night serene and pristine
A single tear rolls slowly down my cheek, and nothing seems fine.

There’s something that is bothering me, something I want to say,
Something so simple, yet I hesitate I don’t know why,
We take our dear ones for granted, why I wonder
There is so much we need to tell them but don’t, over this I ponder.

I miss your warm hug when i feel all low,
I miss you telling me what to do,
I miss the care you’ve always poured on me,
I miss our long talks right from A to Z
I tell myself days left here are just a few,
An then I can come back to being wit u!
Now I know what I want to say, I know its straight from the heart
I want to say I MISS YOU and its tough for me to stay apart!

I love your way of dealing with things,
I love the times when we just sit together and do absolutely nothing,
I love you for giving me wings when I wanted to fly,
I love you for just being you and letting me be me,
In times that I’ve felt all alone and lost,
You’ve been there, and cheered me with everything you got,
Now i know what I want to say, maybe we don’t say it as much
I want to say I LOVE YOU and its tough to say how much!

I want to thank you for the sleepless nights you’ve spent for me,
I want to thank you for the way you trusted and understood me
I want to thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made for me
I want to thank God for giving me someone so special, whom I can forever call MINE
You’ve always guided me through thick and thin,
Made me feel like a princess in a palanquin
Now I know what i want to say, I know its true
I want to say THANK YOU and I mean it too!

The sands of time wait for none,
Don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come
There was something that was bothering me, something I wanted say,
Now I know what it is, and I’ll say it everyday
I Miss You so much, here are some kisses (blow)
I Love You totally to bits and pieces
I want to Thank You for making true all my wishes
You are the most precious of all my riches!

Having confided, I look out and feel the chill weather,
I now feel as light as a feather
I gaze at the moon, and feel you near
And wipe away the lonely tear
I close my eyes, now feeling at ease,
A smile has slowly caressed my lips,
I gently hug my pillow tight,
And whisper to you a soft good night!


3 thoughts on “Say you care, Say it often !

  1. This is one of my favourite poems from your list. I remember how tears rolled down my cheek when I read this poem of yours. U indeed are very special to us and always will be. Mom

  2. This is another one of your poems I have no wish to critique. The point made is an important one! It reminds me of the years I spent away from home. It is so easy to forget, to take someone for granted, or to just let life sweep away the fact that you are missing someone. Then, all of a sudden, when you least expect it, it comes down and weighs you down like a thundercloud. Yes, you could have made things work better, rhymed better, blah, blah, blah…However, I find myself asking, when your point is clear, does all of that even matter? I don’t think it matters at all. 🙂

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