A poem from my college days for a very dear friend


From the day I have known you, you’ve been a part of my life,
A part that kept growing as the days went by,
And now when I look back, I realize
The part that was you has become inseparable from my life.

The words you said when I felt all lost,
The times you said nothing and just let me ramble on,
They always made me feel so much better
Trust me, there’s nothing more I could have asked for!!

The fun times, the fights, the secrets v shared
They all say how much you truly cared
Lucky me! The joy I found..
How I miss having you around!! 😦

Three years flew by, I cant believe
Time ticked on an we had to leave,
Doesn’t matter where you are, I want you to know,
That my thoughts and wishes are always around you
(Ill always be there whenever you need me!)

Today, I’m left with memories so fond
Its beyond words to describe this bond,
These memories will for so long last,
That I prefer to leave the present and live in the past! 🙂

Wish I could spend this day wit you,
How I wish it could be true,
I miss u so much you can hardly guess,
It’s much more than what I confess!!

“I look up at the skies today,
Hoping to see a shooting star –
I want to make a wish today..I want our friendship to last.”


2 thoughts on “A poem from my college days for a very dear friend

  1. Well said! I hope the friend in question got to read this poem :). I could suggest many things, I guess, but the only problem that really stood out to me was in this line:

    “These memories will for so long last,”

    Consider –


  2. *Consider – These memories for so long will last

    Sorry about the confusion. WordPress has really weird formatting rules. Maybe it assumes that people will want to dump HTML code in here?

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