Facing west, I lay on the grass bed
Feeling the gentle poke of each blade
On my cheek, as I saw the sun fade
Behind the hills, with the sky changing shade.

The sky now a darker shade of blue
Birds flying back are but a few
I felt my cheek turn moist with dew
And felt the chill as the cool breeze blew.

I turned to see the star-studded sky
Winking at me from up so high,
A million shapes they seemed to imply
I gazed at them as the night flew by.

Every day, as we shine and rise
Nature holds for us a new surprise
All we need is to open our eyes
And renew with her our broken ties.


One thought on “NATURE

  1. I too love re-connecting with Nature. It’s so peaceful! 🙂 Maybe I’ll write about what I feel when I immerse myself in the beauty of nature some day. What I really like about this poem is that you’ve focussed on the beauty in nature that is around is everyday. It’s so easy to reach out, but most of us just don’t bother. 🙂

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