I dedicate this poem to the baby of our house, my labrador Max, who’s now almost 9 years old.Image

With mischief on his mind,
And stealth in every step,
He crept up from behind,
And then on me he leapt !

With twinkling big brown orbs,
He looked me in the eye,
The look i so adore,
Well no one could deny !

He took me by surprise,
I had no time to act,
And if i wished to rise,
I had to sign the pact !

I gave in with a sigh,
He replied with a bark,
To mark his win that day
Then laid down on his back !

I kissed him on his nose,
And rubbed below his neck,
Till finally he rose,
To give my face a lick !

For every time I lost,
We followed this routine,
I know he loved it most,
(No, was I who loved it most)
That I always let him win !

Left-Right went his tail,
Up-Down went his chest,
Bringing back my missing smile,
I knew he was the best !


3 thoughts on “MAX

  1. I am so happy to see that the baby of the house Max has inspired u so much and has been the cause for your beautiful poem to blossom forth. Love it. Ma

  2. I like Max already! 🙂 I also like this one better than any other poem of yours that I’ve read thus far. I still have some left to read, of course! 🙂

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